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My clients are not online.
My clients don’t have email.
My clients do not use the internet.

That may have been true some years ago, but times are changing.
According to Pew Research, 62% of people over age 65 use Facebook. More than 40% of people age 65-69 own a smartphone in 2017, which is continuing to grow at a record pace.

True, some of your older clients may not be online, but others may be forced online by their family to “keep up with family events and pictures.” Your younger prospects (T65) are already there. When they are looking online for resources regarding Medicare, what are they going to find?

Your Website
Do you need a website? We say yes, at least a basic one with a contact me page. This gives you a call to action on Facebook and other posts.

Your Facebook Page
If you are not on Facebook, you are missing a HUGE opportunity. This is the most popular social media platform and is FREE! You can create a page for your agency and start keeping in contact with your clients in very little time and effort. Plus, Facebook has some of the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help get you ranked higher on search engines.

How to Fail at Facebook

Inconsistent Posting
Facebook is very transparent. Your posts are date stamped. If you are not posting regularly people will see that and it may reflect on you as not taking marketing seriously. You should be posting at least 2-3 times per week. Think of it like this, every Facebook post is like passing out a business card. The more you do it, the more your name is out there, and the greater your chances are to get in front of someone who needs your services.

What to post? Check out SMS Agent Connect for content and ideas on what to post.

Polarizing Content

Religion and politics have always been the two taboo subject in sales. This holds true on Facebook as well. If you think the post may offend someone, DON’T POST IT. Save it for your personal page.

Not Posting Images
There is a lot of competition for attention online and on Facebook. Think of posts like billboards on the side of the highway. Each one has only a few seconds to grab your attention and pull in your interest. It is far easier to do that with images than with words alone.
BONUS: When you share stories off the internet on Facebook (look for the Facebook icon on stories to share them), Facebook will automatically pull the main image from the story for you!

Need help creating a Facebook strategy? We can help! Call Senior Marketing Specialists at (800) 689-2800 and say “I need a Facebook strategy!”

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