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What is the most frustrating phrase ever said to any sales professional?

“Well, let me think about this some more.” or “Hmm, I think I need to sleep on this.”

But, you did everything right, right? You quoted the product, did your research on the carrier, and talked about their two blind dogs that have been biting your ankles for the last 30 minutes. Why the hesitation?

If your prospect handed you this crushing blow of a sentence, odds are they aren’t convinced they need to buy what you are selling. You need to create the urgency for you clients to purchase this coverage, but how?

Make your prospects uncomfortable with their situation (but still very comfortable with you).

Why would a prospect change their current situation if they were comfortable? If you are comfortable in a climate controlled room, would you go turn up the heat? Doubtful.

Please do not confuse this with fear tactics. Fear is a temporary emotion, and when it fades- so will your client from your book of business.

Make your clients aware of their financial risks, and see if they have a plan in place to cover those risks.

Some examples:

  • Mrs. Doe, what are your plans if something happens to you and you need recovery at home? Do you really think your kids can afford to leave their jobs and families to come take care of you? Do you REALLY want that?
  • Mr. Jones, do you know anyone that had to recover from a fall or surgery? What did they do? How did they pay for their care? I’m sure his/her family would have rather focused on their health instead of stressing over paying for it.


Now that you have made your client uncomfortable, it is your job to swoop in, hero cape and all, and help your prospect alleviate their risks (no cape required). Show prospects that your policy gives them the protection they need to make them comfortable again.

Come out of your appointment a hero. Help your clients, reputation, and bank account; and never hear that terrible sentence again.

Olivia Richardson

Sales Director

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