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Mary is passionate about her job. She knows that her services are unbeatable. She loves people. SHE LOVES people and she knows she is too blessed to be stressed. She surrounds herself by people who encourage her and are passionate about her success. Her family backs her and knows that when she is working her time is valuable. Through that success she is always giving back to her community.

Mary starts every morning at 6:00 am where she gets out of bed and thinks of her favorite acronym “TNT”—today not tomorrow!

She tells herself how happy she is to help more people today as she pours a cup of tea. She starts the day in front of her computer.

She opens a blank word document and to write her weekly blog. Mary decides to write about how Medicare is not free. She has had several clients lately who are shocked that they must pay a part B premium. She references in her blog the CMS Cost publication that she pulls from

While she is on website, she orders extra CMS publications that will ship for free to her house. She has a senior trade show booth in a few weeks and needs extra handouts.

She then turns her attention to her Facebook page. She pays for a $20 boosted post to get her blog in front of more people. Then she goes to the SMS Agent Connect Facebook page and copy and pastes several posts to her own page. She schedules them to pop up throughout the month, so she doesn’t have to spend time on her Facebook page later. She also creates a Facebook event for the booth that she will be siting at during the senior expo in 4 weeks. She invites customers and friends to this event and decides to create a contest. Anyone who mentions the Facebook event at the booth will get entered in a drawing for 2 free movie tickets. She puts a reminder in her calendar to buy movie tickets and make a basket to promote the contest even more.

10:00 am rolls around and Mary jumps on the Tuesday “Medicare Café” webinar.  “Show up and go up!” She thinks. Mike and Olivia mention cross selling Dental, Vision, Hearing plans, so she pulls out a sticky note and writes “Ask me about DVH plans” and sticks it on the front of her computer she will use in her insurance appointment that day. It’s a reminder to herself as much as to her clients.

She pulls out a cellophane bag and puts her business card, a piece of chocolate, an invite to her weekly educational event, and a Medication tracker from the SMS Agent Marketing Portfolio. She makes 5 bags with her business card in it and promises herself to hand all of them out before the end of the day.

At 11:30 she heads to her lunch appointment with a husband and wife at her favorite local bakery. As she drives to her appointment, Mary smiles when she passes her billboard. She remembers researching the perfect location and was so excited when this one became available.

In her appointment she remembers to say the word “follow up appointment” at least 7 times during her presentation to get the next appointment booked. Mary laughs when she sees her post it note “Ask me about Dental Vision Hearing plans” and makes a joke about how she needs all the help she can get! She explains the need for DVH coverage and makes the extra sale! Mary loves that her client fully knows the risks and gaps in coverage.

As she is wrapping up, Mary she makes sure to ask for their future caregiver information, typically her clients’ children. Not only is this another lead, but also a service to give her clients. It gives her clients piece of mind that their children would know who to call if something were to happen to them. Next, Mary hands them her AMP Medication tracker. This tracks their medications, allergies, and shots and folds perfectly into the size of a credit card. She tells them if anything were to happen to them, a wallet or purse is usually the first place people look and she will now be in their wallet for family to contact.  She also hands them the flyer for the senior expo she will be attending. She mentions the movie tickets sweepstakes and suggests bringing a friend to the senior expo. She also gives her clients 5 business cards and mentions the best compliment they can give is referring her to their friends.

Before she leaves the bakery, she purchases two dozen cookies and hands her business card kit to the elderly check out woman. Mary plans to take the cookies to her networking partners of 5 years. She remembers originally approaching them and explaining how she is a resource for their business.

She stops at the local pharmacy and drops off the first dozen cookies. She says thank you for the referrals and checks to make sure that the pharmacy staff still loves the carriers she has been enrolling their clients in.

She then goes to a doctor’s office. They agreed to put her business cards and the AMP quarterly newsletter in the waiting room. She checks to make sure there are enough newsletters and business cards to last another few weeks. She drops off the second dozen box of cookies and spends a few minutes touching base with the individual who handles claims and billings. She asks questions such as: Have they had issues with carriers? Do they know about the new Medicare Card format? Are they in network with all the carriers they want to be with? She waves goodbye to everyone before heading to the grocery store. As she goes to leave, she hands two people in the waiting room her business card kit and invites them to her Thursday educational event. They both light up and tell her thank you.

In the car, she hears her radio ad for her weekly Thursday education event called “Medicare Moments” where she will talk Medicare using the CMS Medicare publications, answer questions, and play a quick game of bingo. She purposely chose this location because it’s near a bus route, so it attracts even seniors who can no longer drive. She thinks back to last week where she was interviewed by a local magazine about her weekly educational events and is looking forward to seeing the article.

While shopping she starts a casual conversation in an aisle with an older man. She introduces herself, hands him her business card kit, and invites him to her weekly educational event at the library. After she finishes shopping, Mary deliberately checks out in the aisle that has an older cashier and gives him the business card kit. She looks him in the eye and says thank you! Mary loves to make people smile.

While driving home, Mary decides to make a few calls. She always does a minimum of 5 touch base calls to her clients. She reminds them to book their free yearly wellness visit and checks to see if they have questions or concerns. One of her clients mentions that she has an issue with her plan and she is very unhappy. Mary listens to her client’s concerns and books an appointment to make things right and answer questions. By the end of the call, her client is calm and thanks her for checking in. Mary is happy that she can head off an issue with a proactive call.

After unpacking the groceries, she turns on some music and orders her clients who have birthdays in June a $6 cookie card online. She then checks on her clients’ policies on the carriers’ portals to make sure nothing is pending. She pulls out her favorite stationary and writes a thank you note to the husband and wife she met with that day. Next she gets  out a lead list she purchased and stuffs 20 mailers with hand addressed envelopes.

Before she hops off the computer, she realizes that her home healthcare supplies are running low and she needs them for her booth at the senior center. Mary pulls up the SMS website and via LiveChat she asks the support team if she can help order 25 more home healthcare kits with brochures. She also requests that she get a call tomorrow from SMS to discuss the sales booth and to make sure she registered it compliantly. She loves that SMS is at her fingertips with LiveChat!

She logs off her computer, drops off her mailers and thank you note in the mailbox, and makes her to-do list for tomorrow.

She has a relaxing evening of making dinner for her family and spending a few hours with them. She finishes the night with popcorn and a family movie before bed.

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