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Welcome to the easiest part of any sales presentation.

You presented the risks, asked the right questions, and listened to the response. You were patient,  overcame  objections, and convinced the human on the other side of the table that they truly are at risk.

Now what?

You never want your client to leave your presence feeling more confused, frustrated, and concerned than they were before the appointment. They need to leave with the relief of avoiding financial crisis thanks to your services.


Wonder Woman had her fancy plates, Super Man has his cape; You have insurance policies.


When presenting an insurance policy to your client as a solution, remember one important thing. You will be lucky if he/she remembers 20% of the jibberish you just spewed. My suggestion, keep your explanation short, simple and to the point. It shouldn’t take more that 20 seconds to explain the purpose of the policy you are presenting.

On that same thought, focus on the benefits of owning the plan instead of the features offered by it. A client won’t remember the exact dollar amount worth of benefits they receive if they ever have to make a claim. However, they will remember that they no longer need to be concerned about paying high costs if something happens.


For Example:

Instead of saying this:

“This home health care plan will pay you $75 every time a physical therapist comes to your home. You can get up to $300 per day of benefit if you use the services.”


Say this:


“With this policy you won’t have to worry about going to a facility to receive your much needed physical therapy if you are homebound. This policy will pay to have someone come to your home and bring the care to you.”



Make sure your client knows to give you a call if they have any future questions about their policy, or when it comes to filing a claim. Proving your worth as their agent and advisor is your best retention tool.

Remember, your clients won’t remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel.


Olivia Richardson

Director of Training and Education

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