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Previous Medicare Cafe Post Emails –

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2019 Post Emails (Olivia no bangs and Mike is grayer)

Digital Agent Series Post Email (with Whitepaper) https://conta.cc/2EVB735

3_12_2019 Phone Apps for Agents https://conta.cc/2EVUc5a

3_5_2019 $0 Marketing Ideas https://conta.cc/2EFzS7V

2_26_2019 Referrals https://conta.cc/2Ef3kl4

2_19_2019 Internet Leads https://conta.cc/2DTZspj

2_5_2019 Mailers with Special Offer https://conta.cc/2D7JeZo

1_29_2019 New Phone App from Medicare https://conta.cc/2Gb8l0p

Back to Basics Webinars Series

Day 1 Processes https://conta.cc/2FvHX1c

Day 2 Value https://conta.cc/2FCjFm3

Day 3 CRM https://conta.cc/2DfB9mN

Day 4 Your Market https://conta.cc/2Dkrk73

1_8_2019 Resources for Agents https://conta.cc/2Fglp4m

2018 POST EMAILS (Olivia with and without bangs)

The rest of the year was AEP prep and AEP notes.  Join us in 2019 as we do the same!

8_28_2018 How to fail & SPAM Callers https://conta.cc/2MHREhX

8_21_2018 Medicare Compliance https://conta.cc/2OXYdcD

7_31_2018 Prepping for AEP https://conta.cc/2AutAJA

7_24_2018 Professional Networking https://conta.cc/2uN6w3r

7_17_2018 What level agent are you? https://conta.cc/2JBQYEf

7_10_2018 What do your clients deserve? https://conta.cc/2NEJmnE

6_26_2018 What products to offer https://conta.cc/2KvcU50

6_19_2018 Working Leads https://conta.cc/2JSwcoK

6_12_2018 Medicare Supplement Conference https://conta.cc/2MkjIUs

6_5_2018 Are Mailers Still a Thing? https://conta.cc/2JsqEgt

5_29_2018 Holding Yourself Accountable https://conta.cc/2xuHN7O

5_22_2018 Post Summit Guide https://conta.cc/2GKZgIp

5_1_2018 Client Appreciation Events  https://conta.cc/2Fzzvuf

4_24_2018 Door to Door Marketing  https://conta.cc/2Htr3Cu

4_17_2018  Out-of-Pocket Cancer Costs  https://conta.cc/2vxicu7

4_3_2018 Making Videos  https://conta.cc/2JgoOQ8

3_27_2018 Email Marketing  https://conta.cc/2Gh4bSa

3_20_2018 Content Curation  https://conta.cc/2GPhs5v 

3_13_2018 Your Website  http://conta.cc/2tMPl3O

3_6_2018   Facebook – No Post Email due to illness

2_27_2018  Cross-Selling  http://conta.cc/2EWfJxB 

2_20_2018  Commissions vs. Profit http://conta.cc/2sIJmwr

2_13_2018 Are You an Expert?  http://conta.cc/2EGqenw

1_23_2018  Your Newsletter!  Launch Your Own  http://conta.cc/2GczRIM

1_16_2018 Your Referral Process  http://conta.cc/2rfkhIQ

1_9_2018 Q1 Marketing  http://conta.cc/2FgSk6m

1_2_2018 Q1 Prepping http://conta.cc/2qhrg3g

2017 (see Olivia without bangs)

12/26/2017  Post AEP Survey Results  http://conta.cc/2DUzeCk

12/19/2017 Keeping in Contact with Clients  http://conta.cc/2Defidj

12/12/2017 Facebook Images & Legacy Safeguard  http://conta.cc/2BgQaoc

12/5/2017  AEP is almost done!  http://conta.cc/2A6gcKT

11/28/2017  Profitability  http://conta.cc/2zSKmkJ

11/21/2017  2018 Numbers  http://conta.cc/2zc01Hu

11/14/2017  Coverage After Group  http://conta.cc/2A0wNiM

11/7/2017 Maximize AEP  http://conta.cc/2AsY62d

10/31/2017  Top 7 AEP Tips  http://conta.cc/2h3yEfc

10/24/2017  Top 5 Facebook Tips http://conta.cc/2gIsArZ

10/17/2017  Post Appointment Planning Guide  http://conta.cc/2giYjw7

10/10/2017  2018 MA Infographic  http://conta.cc/2xuCm8h

9/26/2017  Annual Cup Refresh  http://conta.cc/2xDL9o0

9/6/2017  Top 3 AEP Tips  http://conta.cc/2eR24s1

8/29/2017  More Referrals!  http://conta.cc/2gnwG8A

8/15/2017  Event Planning & Networking http://conta.cc/2i6fOna

8/1/2017  Selling Over the Phone  http://conta.cc/2uVdiV8

7/25/2017 Top 3 Things  http://conta.cc/2uYzrmp

7/17/2017  AEP Prep  http://conta.cc/2utkWXi

7/11/2017  Dental Plans  http://conta.cc/2v9HoSf

6/27/2017 AEP Selling & Facebook  http://conta.cc/2uhTxEk

6/20/2017 MA Plans & CMS Dashboard  http://conta.cc/2sMPIcv

6/13/2017  LinkedIn & MORx  http://conta.cc/2tik2st

6/6/2017  Social Media Help http://conta.cc/2sPOyKd

5/31/2017  Post SMS Sales Summit Review – http://conta.cc/2sirMKR

5/23/2017  Branding – No Post Email (Sales Summit)

5/16/2017  Social Media is a Must! – http://conta.cc/2qpfgv1

5/9/2017  Don’t Just Take Orders – Create Clients! – http://conta.cc/2qocrLC

5/2/2017  Working Direct Mail Leads w/ Whitepaper – http://conta.cc/2qvozaK

4/25/2017  Cross Selling – FE Whitepaper – http://conta.cc/2q2jhGF

4/18/2017  Telemarketed Leads – http://conta.cc/2oSz8WS

4/11/2017  Live Broadcast from the Medicare Supp Conference – No post email

4/4/2017  AEP 365 eBook: http://conta.cc/2oWocEq

3/28/2017   A Better Way to Present Products: http://conta.cc/2ngaETH

3/21/2017  Is Your Process a Pain for Your Clients: http://conta.cc/2nx1q9d

3/14/2017  Why Clients Hate Their Agentshttp://conta.cc/2n0Eqyw

3/7/2017  Online Resources: http://conta.cc/2nxc1kl

2/28/2017  Dual Plans & Seminars: http://conta.cc/2mfc0hS

2/21/2017  Getting Started with Facebook: http://conta.cc/2kRk4TB

2/14/2017  5 Ways to Earn More Referrals: http://conta.cc/2kHclbu

2/7/2017  Client Acquisition Costs: http://conta.cc/2luwUZK

1/31/2017  Medicare & Hospice: http://conta.cc/2kMSd8v

1/24/2017  Facebook for Agents: http://conta.cc/2j1ikva

1/17/2017  Dual Market – Interview with Keven McGavik with UHC: http://conta.cc/2jLrk42

1/10/2017  New Enrollment Period & Facebook: http://conta.cc/2igs4fE[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]