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A New Way to Get in Front of More Prospects

William S. Burroughs is one of the first to coin the now very popular phrase, ““When you stop growing you start dying.” Though, there are many tough lesson learned as a business owner, this is one of the first, and probably most important. We recognize that it is hard to fill a bucket with a […]

Follow Ups- The World’s Best Lead

Personally, I have worked with thousands of agents across the United States. Every agency I advise has been vastly different from the one before due to their demographic, state regulations, goals, etc.  However, the most frequently asked question I get could easily double as my favorite one to answer. “What can I do to get […]

5 Tips for a Successful 2019 AEP

  Welcome, to the craziest, busiest, wildest, most hectic, and exhausting time of year. No, its not just about the holidays- its all about the Annual Enrollment Period. However, this last quarter is not COMPLETELY about survival. It is about servicing your entire book of business, gaining new clients, and having an extremely profitable year. With all this […]

Claims are Your Friend?

Do you know the Achilles Heel of any sales person? No, it isn’t objections, lack of leads, wrinkly clothes, or even a bad hair day. Paper Work. Our success can be partially measured by how many policies we sell within a week, month, or even year. By now, we realize that we need to also […]

Is Coffee Still Just for Closers?

His motivational techniques were a little… intense; but Alec Baldwin’s character, Blake, was on to something when he barked the iconic phrase, “Coffee is for Closers”. Now, I am not going to follow you around your office, home, or neighborhood and stop you from drinking your black coffee with three Splendas and a liberal splash of […]

What are you Actually Selling?

The worst car salesperson will sell the stereo system. The worst store will sell the roomy parking lot. The worst residential relator will sell the light fixture. The worst home health care policy salesperson will sell a prescription drug benefit. Having a product with bells and whistles can make an easy sale, but doesn’t necessarily mean […]

Now Presenting, Your Superhero Cape

Welcome to the easiest part of any sales presentation. You presented the risks, asked the right questions, and listened to the response. You were patient,  overcame  objections, and convinced the human on the other side of the table that they truly are at risk. Now what? You never want your client to leave your presence […]

Make Them… Uncomfortable

What is the most frustrating phrase ever said to any sales professional? “Well, let me think about this some more.” or “Hmm, I think I need to sleep on this.” But, you did everything right, right? You quoted the product, did your research on the carrier, and talked about their two blind dogs that have […]

Listening- The Forgotten Sales Tool

Stop what you are doing.  Do yourself a favor, and call up your too-honest friend/spouse/mother/mother-in-law, and ask him/her if you are a good listener. Nobody wants to admit when they are bad at something. Its against our human nature to point attention to our faults, but the quicker you can admit your listening skills could […]

8 Seconds to Change Your Career

The secret to success is not much of a secret. Cross selling is the best way to make the most profit per appointment. All of us know this, but why do most of us shy away from the opportunity? It all comes down to finding a system. When you find a system that works for […]