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Annual Preventative Services for Beneficiaries

Annual services beneficiaries can use with no out of pocket cost (under Part B). Preventative Checklist for Beneficiaries:  Wellness Visit Annual Risk assessment Height and weight a blood pressure Detection of cognitive impairment Risk factors and treatment options Alcohol Misuse Screenings and Counselling Screening once per year if you don’t meet the criteria for alcohol […]

Follow Ups- The World’s Best Lead

Personally, I have worked with thousands of agents across the United States. Every agency I advise has been vastly different from the one before due to their demographic, state regulations, goals, etc.  However, the most frequently asked question I get could easily double as my favorite one to answer. “What can I do to get […]

Three Frequently Asked Questions About Events

Seminars, kiosk, and fairs- oh my! Hosting an event can be one of the most successful ways to market yourself, your services, and your agency. There is no question as to why event activity picks up towards the end of the year before, during, and after the Annual Enrollment Period. All this extra activity CAN […]

2019 Medicare Broker Compensation

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has released the 2019 Agent and Broker Compensation Schedule. This reflects a slight uptick in the commission for agents and brokers over 2018 commissions. It is VITAL to remember you must be certified to receive a commission for the product sold.  If you are not, this may […]

National Senior Sales Summit Legislative Updates

SEP for DSNP + LIS Changes in 2019 (Part D and MAPD Plans) In 2019, Medicare beneficiaries who are dual eligible (Dual-eligible (DE) means a beneficiary who is enrolled in both Medicare and Medicaid.) or eligible for LIS (Low income subsidy (LIS) means the subsidy that a beneficiary receives to help pay for prescription drug […]

Mary Marketer- Day in the Life of an Agent

DOWNLOAD THE MARKETING PLAN GUIDE HERE Mary is passionate about her job. She knows that her services are unbeatable. She loves people. SHE LOVES people and she knows she is too blessed to be stressed. She surrounds herself by people who encourage her and are passionate about her success. Her family backs her and knows […]