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February 2018

Lucky Number 7

How many touches does it take to keep a client engaged?  There is no magic number other than ZERO if you want your client to forget about you and no longer value you as an agent.

We like the number 7.  While that may seem like a lot, not every contact has to be a call or in-person visit.  Here is how to make it more manageable:

Thank You Card (1 Contact)

Handwritten, personalized thank you cards never go out of style.  Sure, you could send an email but an actual hand-written card says you took the time to stop what you were doing and drop them a quick note.  You may be surprised to see this card on their refrigerator months or even a year later.

Quarterly Email Newsletters (4 Contacts)

More and more Medicare beneficiaries are online.  The T65 market is full of people who have just left the workforce and are used to email, smartphones, Facebook, etc.

Birthday Card (1 Contact)

Who doesn’t appreciate a birthday card?  Personalised is always preferred, but even if your book of business is too big to hand write out a birthday wish on each card, an automated card is better than nothing.  Many of these programs that do automated cards have hand-written like fonts you can have on the card to look like you signed it.

Holiday Card (1-3 Contacts)

Spread some holiday cheer!   You can even do alternate holidays rather than the more mainstream Christmas and New Year’s.  The 4th of July, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, or any other holidays you wish to make a touch point with your clients.

AEP Letter / Appointment (1-2 Contacts)

The Annual Election Period (AEP) is almost like the T65 (Turning 65 market) when it comes to being overwhelmed with mailers, commercials, and other mass media advertisements.  Because of this, you need to help guide your clients with expert advice on if they should be meeting with you to possibly change plans, or stay put and put on some blinders to all the ads.

Just those examples above has at least over 8 contacts per year.  This is without even using Facebook which can give you give you far more contacts and impressions per year!


How can you expect referrals if you are not willing to keep in touch with your clients?

“Hey, I know I have not talked to you in a year, but can I have the opportunity to ignore your friends and family as well right after they give me a check?”

You may laugh, but that is what your clients may be thinking when they hear you asking for referrals.

Familiarity = Referrals

So, before you start asking for referrals, make sure your clients remember you!

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