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National General Senior Indemnity

National General Senior Indemnity Walkthrough: MO, PA, WI

GTL “Elite” Hospital Indemnity Plan

Aetna Product Walkthrough: Hospital Indemnity Plan

Heartland National Secure Advantage Flex Plan Walkthrough

5 Tips to Present Hospital Indemnity Plans

GTL Application Walkthrough


Hospital Indemnity plans help cover major financial risk areas such as inpatient hospital copays and observational care in a hospital while being a fraction of the cost of a Medicare Supplement.


Available for immediate download, check out the SMS-University whitepaper, Offering Hospital Indemnity Plans.

Also be sure to take advantage of the Hospital Indemnity Sales Tools page of our site. There you will find information on selling techniques, transition phrases, rebuttals, client introduction letters, client worksheets and more

The Senior Marketing Specialists Quote Engine offers the ability to show HIP plans stand alone or side by side with our Fill The Gaps tool. The Fill the Gaps tool is a great way to compare current coverage with and without the added protection of a HIP and will even break down the premium of the HIP per benefit so the client can see the added value benefit by benefit.

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