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The secret to success is not much of a secret. Cross selling is the best way to make the most profit per appointment. All of us know this, but why do most of us shy away from the opportunity? It all comes down to finding a system. When you find a system that works for you, stick with it and perfect it! But, how do you get there? If you are searching for a system that could work for you, look no further- use “Dave Rosenbauer’s 8 Seconds to Change Your Career.”

How can 8 seconds change your career? It sounds dramatic, but simply using the right phrase and asking the right questions can open the door to cross selling, regardless of the product.

Simply use the phrase, “Many of my clients are concerned about things Medicare doesn’t cover, specifically (insert product here). Then ask an open ended question.

So, if you want to cross sell home health care, try this:

Many clients are concerned about out of pocket costs that Medicare does not cover. Specifically, care in your own home; this can cost over $5000 a month… Now that would put a dent in anyone’s pocket. (pause) Have you thought about how you would pay for those costs if you needed care in your own home?

There you go! If you can say this phrase to your client, congratulations- you can cross sell.

There may be parts of this system you love, and there may be parts you can’t stand. The beautiful part of making your own system is that it is yours. Pick and choose what make sense to you and your selling style. The important part is asking the right questions to get you in the door.

Try it for yourself, and let us know how this system works for you by calling Senior Marketing Specialists at 1-800-689-2800.


Olivia Richardson

Sales Director

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