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The worst car salesperson will sell the stereo system.
The worst store will sell the roomy parking lot.
The worst residential relator will sell the light fixture.

The worst home health care policy salesperson will sell a prescription drug benefit.

Having a product with bells and whistles can make an easy sale, but doesn’t necessarily mean the client understands what they actually bought. The Home Health Care policy is no exception.

Both GTL and Kemper have a very rich in benefit and very  competitive home health care plan. However, these plans are very unique in their extra benefits compared to other companies. Both of these plans have a drug rebate that can pay your client up to $600 per year depending on the medications they take*. This will often pay out more than what the client is actually paying in premium!

Now, as an agent you may be thinking, “Well hey- a sale is a sale! Who cares why they actually buy the policy?”

As an advisor and sales professional, it is our job to educate our clients and prospects about their current risks including ways to alleviate that risk. With the rise of baby boomers and the lack of beds or access to hospitals; finances to cover care at home is becoming more and more important. Are you giving your clients the protection they actually need?

Why take such a high caliber product, and reduce it down to a a single bullet point of the plan? While the drug benefit is an amazing add on to the product, just make sure you are explaining the whole product and all the coverages they will receive by choosing a home healthcare plan.

As the insurance professional, make sure you aren’t cheating your clients out of this valuable information.


Olivia Richardson

Director of Training and Education


*drug rebate amount can/will differ from state to state.

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